Early strategic fort and home to an interesting museum filled with early island artifacts

The historic fort, East Martello, home to a museum
East Martello is hard to miss when you arrive in Key West. Located next to Key West International Airport, the large brick structure overlooks the ocean and today is home to a museum of Key West history.

Key West, being one of the most important strategic locations for the early United States, had a series of large brick forts built along the southern shore.

East Martello was one of them, and today houses an impressive museum of early island artifacts, eclectic folk art, and treasures from the sea. One of the museums strangest and most photographed exhibits is Robert the Doll, a Victorian era cloth doll that is purported to be haunted.  Many visitors claim that photographs of the doll end up with streaks of light through the picture.

Located next to the Key West airport at the eastern end of the island, East Martello is well worth visiting for anyone interested in the rich history of Key West.

Hours: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, daily (except Christmas)


  • Adults – $12
  • Children, age 6 and over – $5
  • Children, under age 6 – FREE

Location: 3501 South Roosevelt Blvd (next to Key West’ airport)

Phone: 305-296-3913