Visit Key West’s coral reef and see the colorful show of fish, rays, and invertebrates

Two snorkelers floating on the surface above the coral reefs of Key West
The calm, clear water of the coral reef is filled with colorful fish and an excellent place to snorkel.

The Key West coral reefs are part of the world’s third largest reef system and are located in relatively shallow water – under 20 feet in depth.

The seas at the reef are typically calm, crystal clear, and warm.

While snorkeling Key West’s reefs, you will see a fascinating world of colorful fish and coral reef structure – even from the surface.

For beginners, snorkeling is easy and well worth doing. If you’re new to the sport, the crew is eager to instruct you on how to use the equipment, stay relaxed, and enjoy the underwater world.

Snorkeling requires only a mask, snorkel, fins and a safety vest, all provided by the boat.

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