Accommodations in Key West include resorts, B&B’s, guest houses, and chain hotels

When planning a vacation to Key West, the most important decisions that needs to be made early on is:

  • What type of lodging you prefer?
  • What is best suited for your particular budget?
  • Where on the island do you wish to stay?

Accommodations in Key West run the scale from high-end luxury to basic economy. There are large waterfront resorts, small hotels and motels, inns, charming guesthouses and even fully equipped condo vacation rentals.

Occupancy rates vary greatly throughout the year ( See occupancy rates on our Key West Tourism Statistics page ). They are highest between Christmas and Easter and for special events and three to four day minimum stays for holidays. Top rates apply during major events like October’s Fantasy Fest and the lobster mini-season in late summer. There can be great deals in the fall and early December is an ideal time to visit with no lines, moderate temperatures, and lower humidity.

Hotel Availability, Pricing, and Detailed Information

Below are Key West hotels and resorts that Key West Travel Guide is proud to be affiliated with and receive compensation from. Each of these lodging properties are located directly on the island of Key West. Click on the photos to see availability calendar and sale prices.

Historic seaport marina in Key West with waterfront hotels in view
Historic seaport marina in Key West with waterfront hotels in view, one of many lodging options available