Five months after a major hurricane narrowly missed Key West, the island has no major damage and is as scenic and fun as ever

Five months have now passed since Hurricane Irma, a major category 4 storm, struck the Florida Keys.

The destructive eye of the storm thankfully missed Key West by twenty miles and caused little major damage to the southernmost city. (The islands that were directly hit by the eye saw significant damage, and those include Cudjoe Key, Sugarloaf Key, Summerland Key, Big Pine Key, Little Torch Key, and Marathon Key.) To see how close the eyewall missed Key West, read Key West Narrowly Dodged Cannonball

Despite Key West being spared of major damage, national news reports lumped all the Florida Keys islands together in their reporting and left many viewers with the impression that Key West was destroyed. It certainly was not.

Actually, Key West is in perfect shape, beautiful as ever, a travel magazine photo spread around every corner.

This week, Key West Travel Guide took a bike ride up Duval Street and took photos of our sweet island, five months after Hurricane Irma. From Margaritaville to Sloppy Joe’s to the Key West Harbor (and almost everywhere else on the island) Key West has no damage.  See what Key West looks like now, below.

Pictures of Key West Five Months after Hurricane Irma