Liberal Key West in Increasingly Conservative Monroe County

Chart showing how the Monroe County districts voted for Governor.

Liberal Key West overwhelmingly voted for Charlie Crist.

But as you travel up the Florida Keys, the territory gets more and more conservative, finally peaking at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo where 82% of voters backed Rick Scott.

Below is a chart Key West Travel Guide created to show how the 33 precincts of Monroe County voted in the 2014 Governor race.

Hover over the chart to reveal underlying data.

[gdoc key=”″ chart=”Column” chart_is_stacked=”true” query=”select D,E,F” chart_height=”500″ chart_legend=”right” title=”Monroe County Voting Results – Red vs Blue” header_cols=”1″ header_rows=”1″ chart_v_axis='{ “title”: “% of voters” }’  use_cache=”no”]

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