Fort Jefferson State Park Beaches – Local Favorite

Soft sand beach, blue-green ocean, and Fort Jefferson in the distance
A view of one of the Dry Tortugas perfect beaches.

Nearly 90 miles from Key West is the fascinating and beautiful Fort Jefferson National Park. In our opinion, a visit here is the best thing to do in Key West.

To get to these far-away islands, take the Dry Tortugas seaplane.  These daily flights are unforgettable, with stunning views of the emerald green backcountry islands, azur oceans, and more birds and wildlife than you can imagine.

This is a beach that will rank up with the best you have ever seen. Crystal clear water, great snorkeling, powdery sand, and a true sense of remote adventure.

If you are interested in camping in the Dry Tortugas National Park, click here for more information.