Located in Key West, this is a Florida State Park & favorite known to locals as Fort Zach.

Beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park
View of the beach at Ft. Zachary Taylor State Par, with a mixture of sand and coral rubble, and warm calm seas

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park has a beach that is a mixture of sand and coral rock. Swimming along the three coves of the water is quite popular and enjoyable. Snorkelers can explore the rock-pile barriers just offshore to observe small tropical fish.

The local Key West residents prefer this beach, mainly due to the quality of the water – thanks to tidal flow bringing in fresh sea water.  And the pine trees on land provide a nice shady area to enjoy the many picnic tables available there.  

Bathrooms, lockers, changing rooms, food and beverages are all available.

To get there: 

Travel down Southard Street into Truman Annex. Continue to end and follow signs to the Park Entrance. There is a small entrance fee – well worth the price of admission. The beach is over 1/2 mile more away from the guard shack. Bicycles are the preferred way to get to Ft. Zach, but if you enjoy a long walk it is enjoyable.

Taxis will drop off and pick up people at the concession stand, and there is parking available for your vehicle. 

Entrance Fees:


    • with 1 person: $4.50
    • with 2-8 people: $7.00 plus $0.50 per person

Bikes and walkers:

$2.50 per person

Hours of operation:

Park opens daily at 8am and closes promptly at sunset.  Self-guided tours of the fort end at 5pm.

Concession stand cafe: 10am – 6pm