Located on Key West’s southern shore, this long and tranquil beach is almost 1 mile long

Soft sand beach and palm trees at Smathers Beach in Key West
Is this the Key West beach you were looking for? For many the answer is YES!

Key West largest beach runs along the southern shore of the island for almost 2 miles. Beach activity ranges from tanning, volleyball, and watersport/beachsport rentals.

The sand is brought in from the Bahamas (island rumor) and deposited there for your pleasure. Tropical storms have a habit of sweeping the sand away, and nearly every other year the city of Key West has to replenish the beach.

You can leave your surfboard home – the minuscule swell is not even a ripple. Snorkelers have a swim zone to enjoy just offshore – small stuff…mostly.

Vending trucks offer snacks, beverages, chairs, and rafts.  Public restrooms and showers available.

Getting There: South Roosevelt Blvd., from the Key West airport to Bertha Street.

Fees: FREE