Where Jose Martí officially began the movement to gain Cuba’s independence from Spain.

The San Carlos institute building on Duval Street
Located on Duval Street, the San Carlos Institute is an important part of Cuban-American history.

Key West and Cuba have always had a close relationship – especially being separated by only 90 miles.

No building in Key West represents more Cuban history than the San Carlos building on Duval Street.

Built in 1890 by the San Carlos Institute, an organization dedicated to supporting Cuban culture and values, this building was actually owned by Cuba – before being appropriated by the United States.

In 1892, Jose Martí  famously made a speech at the San Carlos that is attributed with the beginning of Cuba’s independence movement from Spain.

Exhibits include works of Jose Martí, an exploration of Cuba’s history told through its postage stamps, a history of Cuban aviation, and a gallery of portraits of Cuban presidents.

Location: 516 Duval Street

Hours: Open daily – 12pm – 5pm

Cost: Admission is FREE