For serious art connoisseurs, Jag Gallery is a must visit

Incredible local art on display at the Jag Gallery in Key West

Representing many of Key West’s most known and relevant contemporary artists, newly opened Jag Gallery has immediately become THE place for art collectors.

The gallery opened in 2020 by one of Key West’s talented artists, Letty Nowak. Inside the brightly lit inviting space you will find incredible works from

  • AD Tinkham
  • Carol Munder
  • Cathy Rose
  • Lincoln Perry
  • Letty Nowak
  • Joe Skoby
  • John Martini
  • Michael Haykin
  • Rick Worth
  • Sharon McGauley
  • Susan Sugar

Address: 1075 Duval Street C-23 (in Duval Square, near corner of Virginia St. & Simonton St)

Gallery Hours: 10:30am – 5pm daily

Gallery Phone: 305-407-6202