NOW CLOSED! Rum Barrel

Satisfies a pirate's thirst & hunger.

The Rum Barrel, located on Front Street in Old Town Key West - a civilized pirate hangout.

The Rum Barrel, located on Front Street in Old Town Key West – a civilized pirate hangout.

Arggg!! Where should a pirate go for food and grog in Key West? The Rum Barrel – of course.

Opened by the Pat Croce, a former owner of the NBA basketball team Philadelphia 76ers & a New York Times best selling author and motivational speaker, this new restaurant showcases Mr. Croce’s passion for pirate history. The Rum Barrel is located next door to the Pirate Soul Museum – a perfect opportunity to see an impressive collection of pirate artifacts and history.

The restaurant and bar were newly built from the ground up – and the result is an inviting and enjoyable casual atmosphere with a decidedly pirate theme. From the skull mosaic at the entrance, to the ribs of a boat suspended from the ceiling, you will feel like you have stepped centuries back in time. The first floor is divided between the restaurant seating area and a huge square-shaped bar. Plenty of large open windows and high-end televisions to keep you entertained. Upstairs is a whole other world to enjoy – a rooftop bar and lounge complete with outdoor bar, pool table, and plenty of room to party. Offering cold drinks, music, and a great view of this part of Old Town, the upstairs bar is sure to be a favorite. From atop the Rum Barrel, there is even a view of the water.

But what about the food and drink?
The food menu, we are happy to report, has something that will please just about anyone. Their conch fritters and coconut shrimp are scrumptious. The grouper sandwich – fresh, local, and nicely prepared. And a special treat for those desiring an authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak – the Rum Barrel ships in Philly’s famous Geno’s cheesesteak ingredients and prepares the authentic sandwich at the restaurant. It is tasty & excellent – just like the ones Philadelphia is famous for. The menu also offers full entrees, burgers, salads, appetizers, and a variety of pirate-friendly fare. Huge turkey legs and a traditional pirate stew will have you chanting Yo Ho Ho!

The drink menu is tremendous. Yes, you can get every type of drink you desire – beer, wine, cocktails, & frozen drinks. But remember, pirates love rum. And this bar will surely make any pirate happy. Incredibly, the Rum Barrel offers over 100 different types of rum – some among the finest in the Caribbean. You can browse their “Rum Bible” and try any of the rums you see. Well Shiver Me Timbers!

Location: 528 Front Street

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am – 2am, Sunday 12pm – 2am

Phone: (305) 292-7862

Rum Barrel Restaurant Menu

  • Munchies

    • Barrel of Chicken Tenders – The Barrel’s famous plump chicken tenderloins lightly fried and tossed in your choice of Ourch (mild!), Damn! (hot), Yah Mon (Jamaican), or Howdy (BBQ) sauce. Served with choice of chunky blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery sticks – 6 for $7.95 – 12 for $12.95 – 24 for $23.95. (Order a side of Cannon Fire hot sauce for $0.50).
    • Cayo Hueso Conch Fritters – Made Bahamain-style and served with Cajun remoulade and mango dipping sauce – $10.95
    • Buffalo Wings – Juicy jumbo wings tossed with the Barrel’s hot sauce. Served with chunky bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks – 13 for $7.95 – 26 for $14.95 – 39 for $21.95. (Order a side of Cannon Fire hot sauce for $0.50).
    • Smoked Fish Dip – A local favority, creamy smoked fish dip served with Cuban crackers, celery and carrot sticks – $8.95
    • Loaded Cannon Fries – Seasoned french fries smothered with Cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions and topped with sour cream. Served with ranch dressing for dipping – $6.95
    • Capn’ Kidd’s Crock – A creamy dip with shrimp, crap, spinach and cheeses. Served steaming hot with Cuban crackers, celery and carrot sticks – $9.95
    • Crab Cakes – The Barrel’s recipe with lump crabmeat, pan-seared and served with Key Lime aioli – $8.95
    • Steamed Mussels – Bowl of steamed mussels tossed in a red marinara sauce or a white wine, garlic butter sauce – $8.95
    • Rum Barrel Nachos – Crispy tri-colored tortillas with melted Cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and housemade guacamole – Rum Barrel Nachos (plain) $6.95 – “Carne Style” with ground beef $8.95 – “Goombay Style” with BBQ pulled pork $9.95 – “Neptune Style” with lump crabmeat $10.95

  • Sandwiches

    • Calico Jack’s Chicken Sandwich – Grilled and served with lettuce, tomato, avocado and Cuban mayonnaise on a Snowflake roll – $7.95 (add bacon and/or cheddar cheese – $0.50 each)
    • Island Fish Tacos – Fresh local fish, seasoned, pan-seared and wrapped in a fresh chipotle tortilla with Cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served with salsa and sour cream – $8.95
    • Crab Cake Sandwich – the Barrel’s recipe of lump crab, pan-seared and served with lettuce tomato and Key Lime aioli on a Snowflake roll – $10.95
    • Grouper Sandwich – Grilled, fried or blackened grouper filet served with lettuce, tomato and Key Lime aioli on a Snowflake roll – $10.95
    • Cajun Shrimp Po’ Boy – Cajun seasoned and lightly fried rock shrimp served with lettuce, tomato and Cajun remoulade on a fresh Amoroso roll – $8.95
    • Portobello Mushroom Sandwich – Grilled portobello mushroom topped with caramelized onions and melted swill with lettuce, tomato and avocado on a Snowflake roll – $7.95
    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Grilled and slathered with our housemade hot sauce and served with lettuce and bleu cheese dressing – $7.95
    • Sorgie’s Pulled Pork Sandwich – Slow-cooked, pulled and basted with BBQ sauce, topped with coleslaw on a Snowflake roll – $8.95
    • The Real Philly Cheesesteak – Geno’s Steaks’ recipe! Straight from 9th and Wharton Streets in South Philly, served with your choice of American cheese, Provolone or Whiz. Served “with” fried onions on an Amoroso roll – $8.95
    • Fresh Catch Sandwich – Grilled, fried, or blackened filet served with lettuce, tomato, and Key Lime aioli on a Snowflake roll – $Market

  • Big Plates

    • Grilled Atlantic Salmon – Topped with mango salsa and served with island rice and fresh veggies – $16.95
    • Crab Cakes – the Barrel’s recipe served with island rice and fresh veggies and topped with a Key Lime aioli – $17.95
    • Salmagundi Stew – Recipe of the pirates. The Barrel’s version is a hearty chili-style dish of beef, veggies, tomatoes, and spices, simmered together and served over horseradish mashed potatoes – $12.95
    • Yellowtail Snapper – Fresh, local, pan-seared and served over housemade shrimp and crab stuffing with a side of fresh veggies and topped with a lemon butter sauce – $18.95
    • Mahi Mahi – Fresh, local, pan-seared and served with Cajun remoulade, mashed potatoes and fesh veggies – $16.95
    • Captain’s T-Bone Steak – 10 oz. grilled to your liking, topped with Bleu cheese crumbles and served with mashed potatoes and fesh veggies – $26.95
    • Cajun Pasta Primavera – Fresh vegetables sauteed and tossed with pappardelle pasta in a light Cajun cream sauce – $12.95 (add chicken or shrimp $4.00 – add grilled or blackened Mahi $5.00)
    • Seasoned Grilled Chicken – Juicy grilled chicken breasts topped with tomato-avocado salsa and served with mashed potatoes and fesh veggies – $15.95
    • Today’s Fresh Catch – Fresh, locally-caught fish of the day. Grilled, pan-seared or blackened and served with your choice of two sides – $Market Price
    • Giant Turkey Leg – Put your fork down and get your hands dirty! Served with horseradish mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and fresh veggies – $14.95

  • Big-Ass Burgers

    • The Original Big-Ass Burger – 10 oz. of grilled sirloin beneath layers of American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayonaise and ketchup on a Snowflake roll – $9.95
    • Blackbeard’s Bleu Burger – 10 oz. of grilled sirloin lightly blackened and topped with Bleu cheeses crumbles, lettuce, and tomato on a Snowflake roll – $9.95
    • Anne Bonny’s Burger – 10 oz. of grilled sirloin topped with bacon, mushroom, swiss, lettuce and tomato on a Snowflake roll – $9.95

  • Key West Shrimp

    • Peel and Eat Shrimp – Half pound of peel and eat shrimp served wtih kickin’ housemade cocktail sauce – $10.95
    • Coconut Shrimp – Sweet crispy, served with a mango dipping sauce – $9.95
    • Buffalo Rock Shrimp – A heaping pile of rock shrimp Cajun seasoned, lightly fried and tossed with our housemade hot sauce. Served with chunky Bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks – $8.95
    • Key West Shrimp Trilogy – Why decide? Taste all three with this sampler – $13.95

  • Greens

    • Rum Barrel Caesar Salad -Crisp romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and croutons tossed with classic Caesar dressing – $6.95
    • Rum Barrel House Salad – Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots with choice of dressing – $6.95
    • Spinach Salad – Served with bacon, hard-boiled egg and Bleu cheese crumbles and tossed with a sherry wine vinaigrette – $8.95
    • Blackened Mahi Mahi Island Salad – Mixed greens, fresh mango slices and pico de gallo, drizzled with a Key Lime vinaigrette – $10.95
    • Taco Salad – Shredded lettuce, seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and topped with salsa, sour cream and guacamole and garnished with tortilla chips – $8.95
    • Top either salad with: Grilled portobello $3, Grilled chicken $4, 2 chicken tenders in choice of sauce $4, Key West shrimp $4, Grilled salmon $5, Crab cake $6.
    • Dressings – balsamic vinaigrette, Bleu cheese, Caesar, French, honey mustard, Key Lime Vinaigrette, ranch, sherry wine vinaigrette, and low-fat mango poppy seed.

  • Sides

    • Island Rice – $2.95
    • Horseradish Mashed Potatoes – $2.95
    • Plain Mashed Potatoes – $2.95
    • Cranberry Sauce – $2.95
    • French Fries – $2.95
    • Di’s Baked Beans – $2.95
    • Veggie of the Day – $2.95

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