HOORAY! jetBlue Now (Sort of) Flying to Key West!

Discount airline to drive down airfare prices for Key West. Already jetBlue has lowest fare for major Key West route.

Snapshot from the jetBlue website showing Key West as now an option.

Snapshot from the jetBlue website showing Key West is now an option.

Great news for flying in and out of Key West.

One of the leading discount airlines, jetBlue, has begun a “code share” with Silver Airways, a Florida-based airline with daily flights within the state and to the Bahamas.

What this means is HUGE: you can now go to the jetBlue website and book a ticket to and from Key West. Silver Airways will handle the Key West leg of the flight.

This opens up discount airfare for Key West – something needed since the departure of Southwest Airlines. And it should help drive down airfare on the competing airlines including American, United, Delta, US Airways. Already we are seeing nice savings.

Below are a couple jetBlue flights that are better priced than the competition:


This roundtrip ticket, from New York City to Key West on May 15 – 22, 2015, has jetBlue with the lowest airfare, 25% less expensive than Delta!

Key West to New York on jetBlue

Here is a look at a roundtrip flight originating in Key West.

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